My number one recommendation to a healthy holiday season...


It's preventative care.

I hate beating around the bush on blogs. 

I hate it when I go to someone's blog and have to scroll forever to get to what I actually wanted to read. 

(It's usually a recipe with Reese's in it)

So I used to feel bad recommending preventative care. 

My mom, an old school nurse, used to tell people, "my daughter is a chiropractor, but not one of THOSE chiropractors that make you come back for the rest of your life" 

It made me cringe whenever she said it.  

Because I WANT my patients to come back for the rest of their lives. 

I just don't want them to be in pain when they do come back. 

My wellness patients ARE coming back for the rest of their lives. 

Because they want to. 

They recognize that their bodies are constantly being bombarded with stressors and that maintenance chiropractic can help correct the problems that arise before they become debilitating pain. 

If you're interested in chiropractic care,...

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